Themes are important. Every character must have a theme.

Disallowed Themes:

  • Any from Dark Sun Campaign Setting
  • From Neverwinter Campaign Setting: Bregan D’aerthe Spy, Harper Agent, Neverwinter Noble, Renegade Red Wizard, Spellscarred Harbinger
  • From Dragon Magazine: Escaped Slave (#390), Gloomwrought Emissary (#400), Fatedancer (#401), Samurai (#404), Sohei (#404), Yakuza (#404), Wild Hunt Rider (#405), Cormyrian Battle Mage (#407), Purple Dragon (#407), Sentinel Marshal (#407), Halaster’s Clone (#409), Masked Lord (#409)

All other themes are acceptable although many will have their specific details changed (e.g. Oghma’s Faithful).

Encouraged Themes:

These themes would work well with the setting:

  • Bloodsworn (Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook)
  • Devil’s Pawn, Heir of Delzoun (Neverwinter Campaign Setting)
  • Disgraced Noble, Infernal Slave, Vile Scholar (The Book of Vile Darkness)
  • Any from Dragon Magazine #400
  • Seeker of Illefarn, Son of Alagondar (Dragon Magazine #402)
  • Sarifal Feywarden (Dragon Magazine #405)
  • Infernal Prince (Dragon Magazine #406)


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