Majo Berenson

A military captain who stayed behind to defend his world from the Nine Hells


Human Male, born Majorson Berenson. If alive, current age would be 64 winters.
Class was fighter, who specialized in hand-to-hand combat.


Majo Berenson was forced to put his baby sister to death when she was a child and suffering from an uncurable illness. After that he went into hiding and reemerged as a member of an army, trying to forget his past. When he met Julia Lockhart his world changed. He deemed it his goal to protect her, and was dragged into a fight against the invasion of the Nine Hells.
Together, he and his allies fought many battles, thwarted Four Horseman sent by an arrogant deity of the Celestias, and ventured into the Nine Hells to defeat the Lord of the Hells Takonian.
They were victorious in taking out the Hells leader, but the world they lived in was still overtaken… they were too late.
With the power of grand ritual humans were able to escape their dying world, and Majo stayed behind to make sure everyone made it through the portal. When the portal was closed Majo, and the other members of RAGNAROK performed a ritual to bring down the moon onto the armies of the Hells in hopes of destroying them forever and ending the Nine Hells existence permanently.
It did not work… and Majo Berenson has not been heard from since.

Majo Berenson

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