Gustav Zolomon

A brilliant martial arts master, who once held the Book of Fate who went missing over twenty years ago.


Human Monk. Age, if still alive, 128.


Gustav Zolomon’s parents were killed in war when he was a child. His grandmother took him in, and then she too passed away, leaving him alone.
He joined an army to get revenge and in a battle fell into pit, which turned out to be an ancient temple. There he found a book that told the past, present and predicted the future. Skeptical at first he thought it impossible… that is until he found his own name in the ancient tome, finding the book.
When he read the world was set to end, and only a fallen angel and her unborn child could save it, he set out to find her. Ultimately, this angel, Luci, gave her life so that her child and Gustav’s best friend Sandra Teasdale could survive.
Gustav and Sandra protected the child, until the child had a child of her own, name Julia.
At this point the first battle with the Nine Hells, and an arrogant deity of the Celestias began.
Gustav trained a small group into an elite fighting force. This included, Jacob Strife, Julia Lockhart, Cassandra Stargaze, Majo Berenson, Azen Zenlil and Valeriana Galanodel.
The deity of the Celestias was defeated, not without the death of his beloved Sandra, and he rallied the remaining of the group, Jacob, Julia, Majo and Cassandra into going into the Nine Hells as a group called RAGNAROK, while he defended their children and the world from the Nine Hells invasion.
Although the current deity of the Nine Hells was defeated, the world in which only humans inhabited was destroyed, forcing them into the retreat into another material plane of existance.
With Jacob, gone, Julia deceased, (Majo had stayed behind to fight the Nine Hells armies), Gustav raised and trained Akira and Rachel Strife, and even Krayko Berenson once his mother was cursed into being frozen in time, along with the entire city where he once lived.
When Gustav was in his late 90th winter, he left to go on an important mission, telling no one of his destination.
No one ever heard from him again.

Gustav Zolomon

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