Cassandra Berenson

Mother of Krayko, and Wiidowed Wife of Majo, she led a battalion against the Nine Hells invaders


Human, female.
Age 59 (physically 49)
Class: Rogue


Cassandra was one of the original group trained by Gustav Zolomon. She escaped her home city as it was invaded by devils and then resided at Gustav’s hideaway with the others and formed RAGNAROK.
The group fought together against Kentalia’s Four Horseman; Pestilence, Famine, War and Death, and eventually Takonian risen to the world from the Nine Hells.
During this time she fell in love with Majo and gave birth to Krayko.
Two years later, she joined the expedition to enter the Nine Hells to seek and destroy Takonian on his home turf.
When Jacob Strife forced Julia Strife(Lockhart) to leave Hell to protect the children she followed. A fierce battle erupted in the world as the Nine Hells poured forth and she was one of the last to leave the world through the planar gate to arrive in the new world.
She never saw her love, Majo again, but raised Krayko and trained him until a devil attacked the city and he fled to find Gustav Zolomon.
She spent a decade frozen in time, and was finally released with a Wish spell Krayko won in a tournament.
She thought she had reached her final battle when she fought against the deity Fate, in a time plane, but little did she know not long after the Nine Hells would rise up again with Asmodeus with their leader.
She formed a new army of freedom fighters and fought back, but when betrayed from within, she was wounded, and vanished along with so many others.

Cassandra Berenson

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