Akira Strife


Akira Strife…
Human (Actually Half-Devil/Half-Angel)
Age: 40
Class: Hybrid Fighter/Barbarian
Level: Epic

Weapon: Large Fullblade


Akira Strife… he was the savior of another world. There was a deity known as Fate that was in control of everything, and he defeated this deity in battle, giving him the power of Fate. The power of an Elder God. Akira used this power to right the wrongs in the world then gave up the power so no one would ever attempt to steal it from him.
He placed Jacob (Beezlebub), his father, in control of the Nine Hells, who along with so many others has vanished, and Asmodeus took his place.
He also place his mother Julia (Ael) in control of the Celestias, but with fall of the deities who were good, Chaos reigned.

Akira Strife himself, after giving up the power of Fate chose to step away from the world. His wife, Jazmine Moonwhisper, the powerful Sorceress, along with his children Vashe, and Panne’s whereabouts are unknown.

Those who knew of Akira’s exploits desperately wish him to come back to the world and save it from the Hells, but wherever he is at, there is no guarantee he can, or even wants to return.
There is rumor however, that his more devilistic brother, Tobias, still walks the world, and guards the young deity, Hope, alongside his wife Valeriana.

Akira Strife

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