Throne of Iron, Throne of Blood

RAGNAROK Journal...6

Sacrifice and the Dead

As we were able to get the door open, Hoffat felt a strange painful sensation. The door was radiaiting some kind of holy powere preventing anything with any fiendish blood in them from passing. And although the group often picked on Hoffat for merely being a Tiefling it was grief we said our goodbyes to him. He had bravely sacrificed himself to go and try to hold off the Aquilan’s in some way shape or form, long enough for us to get to the Dawn Peaks and fortify a defense.

We went through the door, and we hoped to see him again. In the next chamber we came across an Eladrin and the Deva Paladin from Gilden’s Hope, Arfellen! How had he gotten here? No doubt a burst of light like he landed in Gilden’s Hope.

The Eladrin, joined our team, With a helmet on, I could not tell if the it was a he or a she, I could just see the blowing eyes, and ears pointing out to the sides. It did not matter. We lost an ally and gained another as seemed to be the normal way of things. We needed to stop losing them though.

As we climbed stairs into a long hallway we came across a pit that went at least 40ft down. Most had success in crossing, but I slipped and nearly fell down but luckily grabbed the rope that the first of us had taken across just in case of someone falling.
I shimmied across and climbed onto the ledge on the other side.

The hall led into a huge room with a bridge that extended nearly 80ft into the room, but stopped suddenly with no way down. Observing the room from above, we were able to see an altar of Orcus down below. Strange to find that in a place where fiends could not tread. A cauldron also was in the corner. Dried blood surrounded the alter and led to the cauldron.

Devoir floated down, and just as he did so, shadows around the alter began to shift. turn and twist violently. Shadow wraiths appeared and one with a sword stabbed Devoir in the shoulder. More wraiths made themselves known.
Then the Eladrin, who I had been told was named Medb, cried out to attack the wraiths. Then took out a bow and fired down, killing a wraith instantly.

Brandis was next to act shoot arrows at the other Wraiths but these seemed more durable. The arrows passed through taking part of the shadow things with them, but not enough to make a huge difference. And then it vanished.
Another wraith rose into the air and slashed its wispy claws at the Ranger. Thora was touched by another, a trail of black rotting air went back toward the wraith.

The Wraiths down below surrounded Devoir ad in a huge splash blood the Pixie nearly dropped. Another wraith picked on Thora. Dreth, hesitated as Bennen fired his crossbow, missing. We would have to get him better training.
Dreth came into action and killed a Wraith with his mighty blade.
A wrait floated up in front of me. I drew my handcrossbow and fired, point blank, missing, so I hopped back and leapt for the pillar beside the bridge in an attempt to get down and hep Devoir.
I once again fumbled and fell, but flipped throught the air, changing my momentum just enough to avoid getting hurt from the 40ft drop. into the room. On my landing, I spun hurling a bola at a wraith. I was so caught up in the fall, my aim was off, and the bola wrapped around the head of Orcus on the altar. I shook my head in frustration.

Arfellen slid down the rope beside me, and clanged loudly to the floor. He stood up, seemingly unphased but then stumbled to a wraith attacking Devoir and swung his sword. Missing. Devoir abandoned the battle on the ground and flew up to the bridge. A wraith he hadn’t noticed in an odd daze swiped at him, swatting him out of the air and I saw him spin and crash into the bridge above.

From up above I heard Thog roar and my allies screaming battle cries. Madb cried an inspiring morale boost, telling Devoir to wake up.

Knowing the battle had moved up above I cursed myself for jumping down. A wraith moved up above me, ignoring me entirely. This one was brownish and different. Mad whispers were coming from it that didn’t make any sense. I whispered madness, a thanks to the gods, that it didn’t see me.

Arfellen was left to tend to the wraiths on the floor, one touched through his armor and into his soul, but repelled the necrotic power instantly. To hurt a divine being with such evil would be a hard pressed thing to do.

Dreth suddenly came crashing from above, landing on his back. I loked up and bola’d the mad wraith out of the air, sending it spinning down, and landing on its spineless back.
Arfellen swung at a wraith, missing and healed himself with a prayer.

An Ogre roar came from above and Thog jumped onto the pillar and swung around, landing with a great thud, and swung his huge club at the Mad Wraith. but then he grabbed his head saying something unintelligable and came stumbling backward. The same Man Wraith then got up and floated up above again, gibbering the whole way.

Arfelled, off to the side was taking blow after blow from the Wraiths and would not hold out long. Dreth recovered, and went to his aid, but the wraiths were so agile the swordsmen couldn’t hit them!

Up above an arrow flew through the Mad Wraith drawing green ectoplasm and then with a yell, Brandis crashed down landed on his side.
I knew the Mad Wraith had to go as it was driving my allies to nearly commit suicide. I focused my attack, whisking another bola at it, sending it down again and it spahsed into a great pool of ectoplasm.

From under the bridge I saw a flying displacer beast—no, Devoir flying and carrying down his Displacer beast. He joined the battle on the ground once again, and in a blast of divine power the ethereal wraith became solid.

Thog recovered from dillerium and charged at the Mad Wraith which just wouldnt go away. He cracked it with his club, adn the Mad Wraith swiped back, with its icey claws. Thog, his eyes glowing blue came running at me and hit with with his club, knocking the wind out of me.
Damned wraith!

On the other side Devoir dodged an attack by bending backwards as two arrows from Brandis shot into it.
From above I heard Bennen scream a death cry. I cursed under my breath and knew I had to get back up there to help, Medb, Thora and hopefully Bennen.

As I began to turn I saw a wraith that had vanished appearing and swiping at Brandis who dodged nimbly. I turned my focus on the Solid Wraith and fired my hand crossbow at it, piercing it in the head. I ducked behind the end of the bridge in hopes it wouldnt come after me since it seemed the most powerful on the field.

Thog charged past, going for the gibbering wraith again. I knew I would have to get out Thog’s reach lest I be bashed again. So I turned to climb the bride’s wall. I made it up and snuck to the edge firing down onto a ectoplasm leaking wraith, surprising him and dazing the bastard.

Tohora and Madb went past me and began to climb down the wall, leaving me with Bennen. I looked off in the disance seeing a Wraith and Bennen’s body twitching beneath it.
Where the hell was the bear!? Bruna was nowhere to be seen.

From the edge I see a wraith appear ad hit Dreth, I edged over, peaking beneath the railing I aimed and assassinated it, sending it into a pool of green gunk.
For some odd reason Arfellen began bashing the statue of Orcus. Hatred toward the demon prince was one thing, but we needed to choose our battles wisely with the Nine Hells tyrannicaly ruling our world.

All went in slow motion as a wraith appeared next to me. I heard my own yell somewhere off in the distance as I was swalloed by darkness.

AIR! Light! I gasped for breath. Devoir floated near me. Saving that Pixie time and time again was one of the best decisions I ever made. We assaulted the wraiths as they popped back in and finished them off.

After catching our breaths we found the locked door out of the room. I picked it easily and we headed out through dark tunnels and into a bright snowy area on the mountainside. The sun seemed to be hanging too close to us and it was bright and warm.

In the distance we could see a large stone city. Yes… we had made it to the Dawn Peaks.


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