Throne of Iron, Throne of Blood

RAGNAROK Journal...4

Loss and Gain

2012 06 14 201840The Lizardmen… how many of them were there and would they send more to find us…?

It was decided that I should sneak up to the Lizard camp and survey what was going on, and since I speak and understand their native tongue, Draconic, it was best I go alone. However, Eti decided to come with me, changing himself into a Lizard Man that we killed in our battle. I felt apprehensive of such a plan, but I went along with it… now I wish that I would not have.

As we got near the camp Eti took out a knife and cut his throat to draw blood. I was shocked, but then saw he meant to wrap a bandage around his throat and act as if he couldn’t talk, were he caught by the Lizard Men.

Sure enough when we got there I was hidden and not noticed but Eti was right away. They took him into the camp and all I could do was watch from afar. Minutes ticked by. I desperately tried to find a way to get closer, but there wasn’t any cover anywhere and the guards were watching the woods waiting for my band. Then movement. I saw a big Lizard Guy walk behind the nearest hut with Eti and they were saying he was crazy and were going to put him down. That was it! I had to act! I shot my blowgun at the nearest guard to induce poison, then threw a bola to wrap around his legs. He fell. I was hoping they would all run over there to see what the scream was, but the big chieftain Lizard guy still attacked with his big axe and I saw Eti go down and the axe come down and making a sickening splosh noise. I hid and moved away as quickly as I could. Guilt riddled my very senses… The Tiefling Hoffat would not be happy her servant had died. I felt responsible, but if I had done anymore it would have been my head too…or worse.

I made it back to the party and told them about what happened and that Eti was dead. We would need to move on to the mountains…

Over the next several days we traveled north. We passed such obstacles as a log over a chasm, giant venus fly traps, hellish darkness and trapits, a crazy old hermit yelling unintelligbly, a river of fire… somehow we ended up on a cliff above a Lizard camp and risked knocking rubble down upon them. I think the worst part was the swarm of Hell Bees and the fire geysers, and then the endless quicksand. Don’t ask how we survived all of it, but we did.

As we reached the edge of the Hellwood there was a weak point in the planar barrier, tinging the sky red, and making each star shine with abyssal light. It didn’t seem to be a barrier to the Nine Hells, but the Infinite Abyss… that would be all we would need! Demons on top of Devils.

Finally we made it out and we were on the barrier of the Hellwood and the Dawn Peak Mountains. Thora, our Druid pointed to the peaks high above and warns of giants… and that they be alligning themselves with the Tieflings. So we stopped and tried to figure out what to do next. Utimately we used my Shadow stealthing abilities to get sneak us along the mountain base to find a path up.

As we follow a stream that was coming from up the mountain we made it to a path and began to climb. Devoir soon spotted Ogre tracks and find an outlook over and Ogre camp. Several Ogres were there sleeping because it was day… they were nocturnal bastards I had to guess. There was a ridiculous debate about attacking them so I stated I would not attack a camp when they had done nothing wrong and walked away. The rest of the group finally agreed and followed.

As night fell we moved off the path and made camp off to the side. We could see a campfire off in the distance. Probably the Orges. Brandis decided to take watch and as we slept we were hit with fungi, thrown at us by our expert fungi forager who had climbed a tree to watch from. Jolting awake we heard footsteps; heavy ones coming up the mountain path.

A deep voice fumbled something and Brandis replied in the same unknown language. And suddenly an Ogre Shaman stepped forward from the path and spoke…
“Your friend appears as though he wants blood.”
I turn and look at Devoir who was about to charge. Thankfully i was completely hidden behind a large boulder and would sneak out and attack if I needed. Playing cat and mouse with these guys was the best way to survive.

Hoffat tried to be diplomatic and the Ogres asked if we wanted to hire them. I was for it. But then I was hidden. We could have gained powerful allies. They continued to negotiate and then finally the Ogre asks for Tribute…
Damn it. They were trying to rob us of gold. Hoffat, who had stepped forward to speak to them suddenly smiled and the Ogre smiled back. Knowing the Tiefling he must have charmed him… it didn’t make much sense to me…
Suddenly they hugged and the rest of the Orges looked JUST as confused. Then the Ogre left. Before leaving he had handed Hoffat a letter of passage… the Ogres went back down the mountain so we went up to get as far from them as we could before they realized what had happened.

We continued up a ways and found a flat area with a huge log fence spanning from one side of a valley to the other. A checkpoint… We approached and a Ogre called out in Giant. Then the Ogre walked up to us and Hoffat shoved the letter of passage in his face. He seemed confused but lets us pass. I step through the gate and along with one other and then a roar in comes from behind us. More yelling erupted and all the Ogres looked angry. Then I saw them… the group from earlier.. the ogres take up arms and grow hostile except for the two by the gate who were confused.

And thus a battle ensued. Spells were slung by the Tiefling, putting some of the Ogres to sleep. Brandis tried to confuse them by telling them their leader wasn’t who he really appeared to be. It didn’t work for long and the fight continued. The majority of us burst onto the field exchanging blows with the Ogres ad getting hit by large rocks from afar. I turn to the female ogre behind us and she smiled evily, so I threw a bola at her knocking her down, and caught her offguard dazing her. Thora and Berry fought valiantly, but Berry was slain, he was a fey beast so he would return.
After taking several blows it looked as if we would die in the open field. I backed up behind the fence as Devoir called for a retreat. Hoffat and Thora made it and Brandis was already with me to begin with. We shot at the female Ogre, and Thora goes back out to heal Devoir ad save him from death as his Displacer Beast rushed forward with him on its back.

The girl ogre stood and tried to hit Brandis. Distracted I got pelted in the shoulder by a large rock. I almost fell forward from the force of the blow and turn and fire at the bastard who hit me with a poisoned blowgun dart, dazing him, allowing Devoir to retreat without being attacked again.

As we all made it to the gate, and Thora killed the Ogre female, and the other Ogre looked confused and said suddenly lifted his fists in anger just as Hoffat cast spells that would slow the orgres advanced, and thus we began the bottleneck tactic. The remaining Ogre actually begins helping us and smacking the other ogres, The other ogres instantly turn on the traitor. Devoir then ran back out beyond the fence to attack another one. Thora joined resummoning Berry. Our Ogre burst out in a bloody rage, killing one of his former allies. We all joined in an effort to save our new friend. He was brave enough to help us, so we wouldn’t let him die. We had already lost too many allies.

As the battle raged on I found an opportunity to shoot another Ogre through the skull. It fell in a heap of death and we retreated and held the bottleneck again finishing the rest of them, with Brandis firing the last shot through the heart of the final stupid Ogre.

We looked at each other, bruised, bloodied and battered, but could only smile that we survived…


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