Throne of Iron, Throne of Blood

RAGNAROK Journal...8

Enter Dys

You never know who will be where when… a wise gnome once said.
Whoo boy.
So as we were sneaking to head to the temple of Pelor, we heard yelling from outside the city walls. We froze and realized whoever was yelling, in the common tongue, would be attacked and killed by the Gargoyles by the front gate. Arty wanted to stay inside and investigate… not the best choice, but left him to his business.
We quickly snuck back out of the city and to the mountain hole where we had come from. To think more adventurers could pass through the trials we had and survive…

Five had emerged from the mountain. Morthis, a Mage Tiefling, Erdan an Elf Cleric, Fatina another Elf Cleric, Artanis the Eladrin, and Django the Mul Avenger, whom I remembered from the ship. He had found us after quite some time. I could only wonder how those poor people were fairing, if they still lived at all.

So as we snuck up to the group we hushed them and explained the situation We found a small cave to rest until the next morning until I could use my Shaowed Legion stealthing powers to get everyone in safely. I watched as some of the group went to merrymaking as if the we were not to do the next day. I stepped out of the cave and sat alone, thinking of Rachel and Ai… where were they? Would I EVER see them again? I decided that if one day we defeated the Aquilan’s I could find them. That was my only hope. A hope that was probably a lie.

The next morning we snuck, under the cover of shadow tot he hole in the wall and as we made it across I noticed the rocks were placed differently. I could not motion to all 9 of them at once, but Artanis spoke up, breaking our stealth that there was a magic in the air right about where we were. Morthis the other Tiefling agreed and identified it as fire magic. A trap!
I started to say “No one move!” But the group foolishly started backwards and KABOOM. FIre exploded all around us. I rolled into the rocks and ducked just in time to evade a wave of fiery doom, and thanks to my training with heat, I was able to resist the burning pain I would have endured.

The trap was not over it seemed as the rubble shifted, and a flaming claw appeared in front of my face. I flipped back to my feet ready to face the new foes. I did not expect ten flaming skeletons to burst. One for each of us… the odds weren’t bad, but with how this new group acted… we were in trouble.

So the head count consisted of, Me (Krayko), Medb, Dreth, Pluck, Artanis, Vondersmache, Django, Morthis, Fatina and Erdan. We would see how many of us would be standing after this assault.

Fatina acted quickly and blasted radiant energies outward hitting four o fthem.
Django took his weapon and smacked the nearest on, sending chunks of flaming bone flying, then pulled back waiting for it to come to him.
I shot at one with my quickshot and misfire, but roll backwards out of the fray.
A skeleton before me swiped but I ducked, feeling the heat right in front of me I covered my face.
Dreth, Von and Pluck were all trapped in the middle of the group of burning helletons.
Artanis shot a magic missile and then a cold ball of ice shot at one, damaging it.
Morthis, the new Teifling, (God we were getting a new one every few weeks.) shoots a fountain of FLAME into the middle of a group by Von. Wait… Flame? Was he serious!? Apparently so because his flames burned hotter and brighte and actually hurt the undead of fire. Note to self: Fight fire with fire.
Dreth swing and took away a good portion of a skeletons ribcage.
Von went into a rage (stupid minotaur these were going down so easily. No need to waste precious energy) and swings, destroying one outright.
Erdan cast a consecrating groud spell that shot radiant light all around.

Fatina used flames too but somehow I doubted hers were as strong. no. They weren’t.
Django attacks a skeleton that was falling to pieces and shattered it.
The Skeletons in the radiance of the consecrated ground screech as the holy light burned up through them.
The skeletons started fighting back, slashing Vondersmache, catching the hairy thing on fire. (Burning minotaur-if he didn’t smell BAD enough).
One hit Pluck and he countered, so fast I couldn’t make out what happened but the foolish skeleton fell.
I got swiped by a claw, leaving minor scratches and I quickly swiped out my burning cloak.
I quckshot the same skeleton point blank, taking his head off, and then I moved and swapped to my blowgun and shot into another, killing it. Half gone.
The clash of battle went on with fire bursting everywhere. It was so bright it was blinding and so hot is was blistering.
Dreth charged a falling to pieces one, making it stand on one leg with one arm.
Medb kept trying to shoot them, but this was not her forte.
Pluck yelled for Von to attack and he smashed yet another with his greatsword.
Vondersmache killed another, and missed the eighth one.
A Kyton (Chain Devil) was around the corner from where Von had moved. I heared him roar in pain and saw chains lashing about.
A succubus flew down from the walls and came at Pluck, whom she leaned in and kissed, taking his mind, I was sure.
Erdan told Fatina how to put out a fire properly, for she was burning like mad, and then Erda healed Vondersmache.

Fatina, shot at the Succubus. Fatina must have been trained by Ranger because she knew of the quarry skill and how to place a wound where it hurts. She hit the Succubbus and a radiant light hung about it.
Django charged and tried with all his might to attack the Succubus but she waved it to the side and went into Pluck.
A remaining skeleton moved up to Medb and I punched it in the jaw as it wennt past. She commanded Dreth to strike, who prompty smahed it.
I shot a blowgun dart precisely at the Succubus, aiming at her skull, to assassinate her with Echoes of Orcus, a strange power I gained from the alter and Wraiths. She still stood but was bleeding badly.
Dreth charged at her, but she simply blocked it with her arm.
Medb then shot her bow and pierced her slutty heart, killing her. And she healed Pluck who was now himself again. He then healed Vondersmache who was busy gettng his ass kicked by a Kyton. As soon as he was healed he charged in and striked to strike it again, but the chains were too strong.
Chains lashed out at Von and Pluck, smacking them both as Erdan healed Von again.
If were not for the Clerics and Warlords that could inspire healing or mend wound, the minotaur would have been minotoast.

Fatina cast sacred fire at the Kyton who laughed and resisted it completely.
Rjango tried to smack the second Kyton that appeared with a vengeful radiant strike, but it slightly moved its head dodging it.
We had to make them easier to hit! So I threw a bola at the new Kyton, and missed. Damnit.
Morthis then tossed a ball of fire toward the same one, and ann explosion larger than the trap went off. Dreth charged up to it and it hopped back. Medb tried to direct how to hit the Kyton, but it heard her and changed its tactic.
Pluck told me to shoot the other one as it wasn’t paying attention. I spun and fired with but a glance and it shot into it, drawing blood. Finally a god damn hit!
Von attacked the same one and his sword was enveloped in black light and he sliced it to pieces.
The other chain devil came after him in retaliation, and whacked him twice. Then tried to run away.

Fatina healed Von the last healing and tried to attack the Kyton but missed. Django attacks and misses twice. I moved through the rubble and threw a bola at long range and knocked the Chain Devil to the ground. Flee now you scum…
Artanis shot fire and it resisted it all. He hadn’t learned. Mrothis shot fire but since he used a creatures natural resistance against it, it dealt a lot of pain.
Dreth charged the prone Kyton, slashing into it, taking off an arm. But two chains still lashed out at him, cracking into his jaw and shoulder like steel whips.
Medb called for Morthis to shoot a magic missile at it, and he did so. Pluck told Dreth to finish it, but the Kyton blocked with its arm wrapped in chains. Just then Von came up and chopped its head clean off.

Knowing the battle was temporarily over, we bandaged our wounds, and took five minuted to breathe, then headed into the town.
This time it was differet. Goliath skeletons lay scattered all around. Apparently a warning since they had discovered we had been there the first time. We headed to the central temple of Pelor, and the Wizards, not the clerics, were able to tell the Divine Energies from the temple wee gone.
The temple had a big stone slab symbolizing the sun.
A grisly scene awaited as we walked up to it and founda Goliath on each side of it hanging by bloody ropes and they had been gutted. Some kind of ritualistic sacrifice.

Vondersmache gut the bodies down and Erdan prayed giving them their last rites. I peered over the cliff of the raised temple and alterted the group devils were running around down below pointing up at us.
Erdan handed Morthis a vial of Holy Water and he splashed it onto the Split in two sun alter. It began to glow, then burst into red flames that spread out from it rolling along the ground burning those who did not resist it, like myself and the Tieflings.
Everything around us went dark and we could feel a sensation of teleporting.
Then all was still.

A light was lit and we found ourselves in a dark chamber with the smell of fire and brimstone wafting from cracks under a shut door on the other side of the room. We examined the door to find it was boarded shut. Artanis tried blasting it with fire and it did nothing.
It was pretty obvious to me, that we were in the Nine hells, but I wanted to make sure…
There was no other way out of th eroom, and we would need to find a portal back.
Wishing I knew how my father, mother, Jacob and Julia ever managed there way through the hells with how powerful devils were, I took the door off of its hinges, and peeked through to see a dark sky with flames shooting acros.
The rest of it was black. I asked Django, who clerified we were in the city of Dys, the Second level of the Nine Hells. It was ruled by a devil called Dispater.

A tiefling walked past and I ducked inside and it called out to no one in particular, “Hearye hearye! Latest news from the mortal plane. Our invasion of the Dawn Peaks goes as planned. It shall be completed soon. And in other news the traitor Hoffat’s trial will be tomorrow!”
I looked down and could only whisper, “Shit.”


When did I use a flame attack? I don’t have any attacks that use fire. Pretty much all the damage I dealt was radiant.

RAGNAROK Journal...8
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