Throne of Iron, Throne of Blood

The Imps Journal

Personal Journal of Gurlap, Yuralap, and Rurlap, imps in service of the Grand Asmodeus

T’was the very morning that the traitorous Hoffa was to be executed did my brothers and I spied upon four hapless new comers who had stumbled into the Mighty Iron City. From their confusion and lack of intellect we surmised they were recent arrivals form the material plane. Already, two of them, the large Minotaur and the robed human were definitely seen as possibility for our business in the corrupting mortals (we are quite forward with that). The other human and elf, however, held close ties to their insidious deities and would prove to be difficult to turn., but not impossible…

As per our usual sales pitch, we offered our services to the four individuals for a modest fee of gold, clearing stating to them that their gold would be quite useless outside of our agreement and in the Iron City. The Mul human was determine to grab our brother Rurlap for some unknown reason and Rurlap simply shifted to another plane, leaving just Yuralap and Gurlap. Though, unknown to the foolish mortals, Rurlap simple maintained his invisibility and followed, causes all sorts of mischief, as per our business model. The four mortals agreed to our services (for a now higher fee) and we brought them to one the one mortal who may help them leave the City.

We brought them to the Den of Quartar, a Neogi slave dealer in the City. Quartar always had a fine taste bud for the flesh of mortal babies, as well, being envious of the Cambion Lordack who cornered the market in hell born babies. Lorack had developed a wonderful machine to increase production of his birthing stock and made his district very wealthy. Quartar, ambious as always, would like nothing more than to see that enterprise his own. Contracts and laws in the city of Iron prevented Quartar from simply taking the machine for himself.; he needed to literally keep his hands clean of any operation that would transfer ownership to him. Hence, our arrival…

Rurlap, our elusive brother, made a deal with Quartar that we would arrange for some “mercenaries” to appear that would handle the situation for him. The four hapless mortals provided the perfect scapegoat for the Neogi should the Iron Tower learn of this contractual breach. The neogi however was not very good at his negotiations with the four mortals, as they spotted his standard hidden clauses and managed to write one of their own. Foolish mortals believed that the neogi would use all in his power to help them escape through the portal he would lead them to. What they failed to understand is that in the Great Iron City, the office of the Iron Tower have the power to purchase and change those contracts at any time. Which is what happen no sooner than the four left Quartar’s tavren..

Through the twisting streets the hapless fools came to the beautiful slum controlled by Lordack. They sampled the wares at the market which consisted of many scrumptious babies for sales as pets, food, garments, and many items for torture. In their attempt to blend in, they tried to purchase a small baby but did not have the appropriate amount of gems to buy (we warn them gold was worthless!). Upon looking through the neighborhood, they caught site of what could possible be Lordack’s machine, hidden in a small tower of metal sheets. As they tried to approach the area, they were deterred by several fierce Legion devils in the service of Lordack. Their pitiful attempts at subterfuge failed and they were attacked by devil legions, a nasty tiefling, a Duregard and Lordack himself, a blade wielding Cambion.

The battle was deliciously fierce; if not for the accursed Pelor blessings the elf placed on his companions, they surely would have perished. By the time they had defeated Lordack and his minions, the market was mess; vendors abandoning their posts and running off with as much wares as they could. The Mortals managed to find some useful treasure in the stalls, including a tally stick which held the names of five mortals in the hell that owe favors to whoever hold the stick.

The four mortals found in the buildings surrounding the machine, a complete harem of pregnant mortal women, some bed ridden with over six to twelve fetus in their bodies. The machine itself was a vast cylinder of arcane, alchemical, and hell wrought technology. Woman suspended from the interior were injected with the strange green liquid into their bodies, impregnating multiple eggs. The foolish elf cleric of Pelor wished to set all of them free but found the woman angry that they have no one to protect them. Rather than deal with the woman, the four said Quartar was in charge of them and promptly left Perhaps there is hope in corrupting that one yet…

Smugly triumphant, the mortals started back to the tavren but were instantly trapped in Agents snare. Agent as you know, is one of colleagues in the city who is quite good at her job. Agent appeared to them in her alley as a seductive she devil and offered to give them earthly delights. At first they refused, but then found that they kept walking down the same street and encountering the she devil. She claimed she could not let them go because one of them secretly desired something she could offer.

The large Minotaur agreed to her offer and entered the alleyway. It was dark save the small light that silhouetted the she devil. She asked him what he desired and he replied “power”. She asked if he wished power in himself or over mortal men, he replied “over mortal men”. She asked if he will welded that power as a king or as a tyrant. He chose a king and saw himself being cheered by people and soldiers in his name. Then she asked, what is the weakness that will bring your down fall. He answers honestly; “arrogance”. He saw a vision of himself being booed by his people and his head being sliced off by an executioner that look exactly like himself. A dark figure on the horizon gleefully announce “Well done my child!”.

The Minotaur emerged from the alleyway; a bit shaken but alive. Our four silly mortals made way back to Quartar’s tavren where they demanded their reward. Quartar begrudgingly gave them the directions to a portal but feigned he still had their contract. Instead, the lovely contract is in hands of the Iron Lord himself, carefully being rewritten…


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